Back to School

It’s the REAL new year, and all the kids are going back to school. Why not go back yourself, but for something fun, like dance?

Some of great places to take dance classes:

Harbour Dance
DanceHouse artist Wen Wei Wang is on faculty here, and you can take a workshop with So You Think You Can Dance Canada winner Tara-Jean. Many, many styles are offered. Adult drop-in classes abound, to fit your busy life.

Arts Umbrella
If you’re a little younger (like, a teenager), and are contemplating a career as a dancer, this is the place for you. Professional training for younger artists.

Vancouver Parks Board
Our local community centres offer a wide range of dance classes, from belly to burlesque to bhangra. Each offers different things, so here’s a map to help you find your local  centre.

The Dance Centre
The centre hosts its annual open house September 25. Some sample classes that day include Pilates, Tap, Ballet, and Salsa. Full schedule is here. Best part? It’s all free!

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Let us know your other favourites in the comments.


~ by DanceHouse on September 7, 2010.

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