The Hard Work of Seeing Work

One of the best things about producing DanceHouse is seeing lots of dance. We try to see work by contemporary dance artists from all over the world, so we can keep up with what’ s being created, and choose great stuff to present in Vancouver. We keep track of lots of artists and companies we are interested in and either see their latest (or latest remounted!) work, or speak to our colleagues who have. And of course we do this all for YOU!

My travels to see work over the past few months have taken me to festivals in Montréal, Ottawa and Montpellier (France), to a showcase of work by Ontario artists in Toronto; and I recently had the opportunity to see a new work by the American choreographer Mark Morris in California.

Some of the highlights: the UK choreographer Akram Khan (do click the link–the site is very cool!) performing with five wonderful musicians in an open air theatre in the south of France; the wonderful collaboration between Wen Wei Dance and the Beijing Modern Dance Company that closed the Canada Dance Festival in Ottawa (and that DanceHouse will bring toVancouver in March); and Merce Cunningham’ s exceptional dancers performing Nearly 90, a legacy piece being toured around the world following the death of that iconic choreographer. All delicious treats.

Did you know you can see lots of great international contemporary dance righthere in Canada? Aside from DanceHouse, if you’ re traveling, do check out what’ s playing at Danse Danse in Montreal, and of course at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.

~ by DanceHouse on October 20, 2010.

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