The Friday Round Up

This Friday is all about Sankai Juku. Because how often do white-painted, bald Japanese male practitioners of exquisite butoh come to town?

Still not sure if it’s your cup of tea? Read on:

The Straight’s Janet Smith says, “It’s a hypnotic, nonstop tableau of birth, death, and rebirth, with flickering changes of light playing over the bodies of its seven bald, white-robed performers as they writhe on a black disc at the centre of the sand-covered stage.” Read the whole article.

The Sun’s Kevin Griffin’s take: “…contemporary butoh companies retain an important link with the past: one of butoh’s signature training movements is a pose called ganimata. Meaning crab legs, the ungainly position is part of butoh’s attempt to redefine beauty.” Read the whole article.

Please note, the phone number for tickets given in the Sun is incorrect. The actual number to call is 604.280.3311, or click here.

~ by DanceHouse on November 5, 2010.

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