The Obligatory Holiday Gift Post

Everyone and his dog  is doing a gift-guide post or email, so  leaping upon the speeding bandwagon, here’s DanceHouse’s guide to holiday gifts for the dance lover.

I am going to draw a veil over giving tickets as gifts, except to briefly mention that indeed, there is a three-show subscription package available, but only until Wednesday of next week. If you are AT ALL interested, buy early, buy often. And that’s enough of that.

Now, dance gifts. It completely depends if your beloved is an actual dancer, or merely a devotee of the Terpsichorean arts.

For actual dancers:

Every dancer we have ever met, bar none, has devoted a tremendous amount of time to developing, strengthening and maintaining his or her awesome physique. Perhaps a few sessions of one-on-one bodywork, or a pass to their chosen yoga studio/pilates studio/gym?  We love our board member Anita Seiz, who as an added bonus will teach people how to teach pilates, as well as make you cry strengthen your core.

Gift certificates for massage therapy are always a thoughtful gift for those who make a living throwing themselves to the floor. Ask about your dancer’s favourite, though, as it can be quite personal.

Dancing=messed up feet. Escents Aromatherapy is a) local b) sustainable c) delightfully scented, and makes Revitalizing foot scrub and leg and foot lotion. Vegan and not tested on animals as well.

Lululemon is always a popular choice for stylish studio wear. Gift cards? A cool wrap? Also local. They keep the weird stuff (one offs, limited edition colours, more “fashion forward” options) at the one on Cambie and Broadway.

NOW. If your giftee is not a dancer, but a lover of dance, you could have a little fun with this.

Just crazy about this shirt. (The lettering says “Allow me to Explain through Interpretive Dance.” Especially fun in meetings!)

There are so many beloved dance movies from bygone days, I almost feel guilty about how much I want to see Black Swan (seduce it! attack it!) That would be a splendid gift/date. For the more traditional, VIFF is showing West Side Story December 24 & 28 for a fun family outing, complete with dance-gang violence.

Dance classes for beginners are offered all over the place and in all sorts of styles: adult ballet, tap, jazz, er… pole. The best thing about learning to do something as an adult? Letting go of all the picking and judging that accompanies so many childhood pursuits and just going for it. If you’ve never danced before, Boing Boing is a fun combo of fitness and dance that you can drop in and out of.

Do you have any ideas? Any great dance gifts given or received? Leave us a comment.


~ by DanceHouse on December 8, 2010.

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