Eeeeeeeee! So Excited!

Under the Skin Dancers

Tiffany Tregarthen and Xu Zhi, photo by Emily Cooper

We got the cover of the Straight! Isn’t this a brilliant photo? (It accompanies an equally delightful  article by Janet Smith.)

The truly astonishing thing? IT’S NOT A PHOTOSHOP JOB. Mr. Xu Zhi actually jumped from a standing position into that amazing kick. With no spring board, or trampoline, or whatnot. Just him.

And Emily Cooper captured it perfectly. After almost giving stage manager Day Helesic a heart attack over Zhi hurting himself. But hooray! Nobody got hurt, she got the shot, and some lovely people get some profile from Vancouver’s biggest entertainment paper.


~ by DanceHouse on March 3, 2011.

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