Louise Lecavalier in the Media

Louise Lecavalier has a number of stops on tour before she gets here for her shows November 4 & 5, and the media in those cities have been writing some wonderful things. A round up for you:

Calgary Herald preview
“Words can’t explain it, but one immediately senses it when watching Lecavalier and other world-stature performers. When they dance, their every muscle seems charged with artistic intelligence.”

More Calgary Herald
“Yesterday I had a bunch of young artists come up to me and say the first contemporary show they ever saw was Louise Lecavalier–and it changed them.”

Lecavalier at Jacob’s Pillow
” the notes included in the program from Nigel Charnock reverberate in our minds: “What have you lost? You have lost nothing. Stop looking. It is already perfect.” And so it is.”

“Even standing still, the world renowned Montreal dancer radiates riveting intensity. In full flight she’s like a lightning bolt.”

“What will this movement from earlier in her career be like on her now, she wonders. The heartfelt standing ovation she received at the end contained her answer.”

“When Louise Lecavalier moves, we swoon.”

The Scotsman
“happily for audiences at this year’s New Territories festival, not everyone is willing to hang up their leotards at 35.”

~ by DanceHouse on October 20, 2011.

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