Speaking of Speaking of Dance

Speaking of Dance, DanceHouse’s interactive discussion on the state of contemporary dance, took place October 26. Here’s our intrepid intern, Celia Langston-Bergman’s, take on how it all went down:

“Speaking of Dance this year took place at the Audain Gallery SFU Woodward’s and it was excellent.  The fact that it took place in the Gallery made it much more intimate and informal.  Kaija Pepper, who is a Vancouver based dance critic, dance writer and teacher, delivered an interesting and thought provoking talk about Louise Lecavlier.  The talk was very relatable and casual, and this worked very well because it was mostly dance students in the audience.  The way Kaija weaved together the past and present work of Louise Lecavlier and Edouard Lock was fascinating.  As a dance student, the information that Kaija presented to us was intriguing and inspiring.

This is a general outline of what was presented by Kaija at Speaking of Dance: Louise Lecavlier came into dance much later than most professional dancers.  She started dancing in her late teen years and got noticed by Edouard Locke and she became his muse and the main dancer in his company La La La Human Steps. Louise was part of La La La Human Steps for many, many years and then left to pursue her own work.  Kaija discussed the physicality of Edouard Lock’s work and how it was like nothing else that was happening at that time.

Having Kaija speak about Louise Lecavlier as an icon in Canadian dance excited me about the upcoming shows. I believe talking about dance is just as important as dancing itself and Kaija’s passionate talk made me realize how important communication is between artists and audiences.”

~ by DanceHouse on October 31, 2011.

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