The Friday Round Up

Go on out and dance, go on out and make romance. What song is that from? First person to tell me in the comments wins tickets to La La La Human Steps. That’s HOW BADLY I want this earworm out of my head. Anyway! On to the week’s dance listings.

Tonight and tomorrow, Portraits and Scenes of Female Creatures, Amber Funk Barton’s latest, continues at the Firehall. The nautically themed piece features four female dancers.

Just Dance takes place at the VanCity Culture Lab at the Cultch tonight and tomorrow. Interested in what the young ‘uns are up to? Check this out. Tickets are $15.

Also this weekend, Modus Operandi performs as part of Dance Allsorts. What is Modus Operandi, you may ask? It’s the education arm of Out Innerspace Dance Theatre. These performances showcase student work and choreographical ideas. At the Roundhouse Sunday at 2pm. Tickets $15/5.

Photo: Modus Operandi



~ by DanceHouse on December 9, 2011.

8 Responses to “The Friday Round Up”

  1. Van Morrison’s Wild Night! Does that help your earworm?! I would LOVE to win tickets to La La La Human Steps!

  2. The lyrics are from Wild Night!

  3. John Mellancamp!

  4. It’s Wild Night by Van Morrison.

  5. Beezer, Diana, Karen, and Gjoa2, Merry Christmas. You are going to the Sunday night performance of La La La Human Steps on January 22, 8pm, at the Centre (don’t go to the Playhouse!).
    Please send an email to sharon [at] dancehouse [dot] ca (type it like a normal email, I just don’t want the poor woman to be spambotted to oblivion) and tell her your real name, and the name you left this comment with, and she will hook you up.
    Spread the word, spread the love, thanks for curing me! Also, I love that there are TWO correct answers.

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