The Friday Round Up

Do you want to  go on  a secret mission?  Then go see the Souldiers Dance Company in A Secret Mission this Friday and Saturday.  Souldiers Dance Company is led by hip hop dance artist Kim Sato, and the show this weekend also includes guest artists Waacouture, the Vancity Lockers and Ndidi Cascade.  Friday and Saturday  at 8pm, Saturday 1pm mat. Norman Rothstein Theatre. Tix (photo courtesy of Norman Rothstein Theatre)

Also Friday June 22 come to a free studio showing of work developed as part of the Dance Centre’s DanceLab interdisciplinary research program. Healing artist Tannis Hugill has been working with battery opera’s Lee Su-Feh as dramaturge/director to examine the function of ritual in relation to theatre, and asks if it possible to create a ‘performance’ that is sacred without using traditional codes or culturally familiar forms. There will be a discussion with the artists after the showing. Dance Centre. 7pm FREE

~ by DanceHouse on June 22, 2012.

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