Critical Response

and.. critical response.

First up! Critical Response with capital letters.

Do you come to DanceHouse shows on Saturday nights? Do you find yourself wishing there was a way to talk about what you have seen with other audience members? Well, now there is. Critical Response is a way for audience members to share insights and thoughts about the show they have just witnessed with each other. Facilitated by Barb Clausen, Critical Response takes place post-show on Saturday nights. For Kidd Pivot, it will take place in Salon A of the Playhouse. It’s free, supportive, and a great way to figure out your thoughts and feelings about contemporary dance.

Now, for the small c critical response. Cedar Lake left us and immediately headed for England, where the company made its London debut with Sadler’s Wells, to critical acclaim.

Sarah Crompton in the Telegraph called it “an exceptionally good company performing three interesting works.”

Luke Jennings in the Guardian said  the “triple bill which showed off its 16 dancers to spectacular effect.”

London Aisle writer Charlotte Skeoch thought the evening was “contemporary dance at its best- varied, challenging, rib-tickling, emotionally introspective and physically giving… It’s no wonder this is the company everyone wants to dance for.

We agree! Plus, as presenters, it’s always fantastic that the critics in one of the toughest critical environments in the world agree with our assessment. So, thanks again, Cedar Lake, it really was lovely to host you!

What did you think? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!

~ by DanceHouse on October 23, 2012.

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