The Friday Round Up

Where oh where is that sunshine of last weekend?  Just a faint memory, a teaser of what is to come?

Tonight and tomorrow, you still have time to see war.requiem, a collaborative interdisciplinary live performance exploring ideas related to the experience of war.  The choreographers ( 605 Collective, Shawna Elton, Vanessa Goodman, Rob Kitsos) were asked to create around the theme of war and the transformation that comes from passing through the trauma of war, and Rob Kitsos (choreographer and professor in the Dance Department at the School of Contemporary Arts) worked with the choreographers, dancers, theatre and music students to compile the full length show.  To learn more about the process, watch the video.  At the Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theater, SFU Woodwards 8pm, Saturday 2pm matinee. Tix

LINK-JulieWednesday April 10 jump into your seats at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre Studio Theatre while we celebrate connecting communities through dance.  Five community groups link together to share compelling new dances created by: Caroline Liffmann with the Roundhouse Community Dancers/  Jacci Collins with the Roundhouse Seniors’ Dancers/  Donna Redlick with Continum Dance Company/  Julie Lebel with Foolish Operations Ensemble/ Miriam Esquitín & Kristina Lemieux with Polymer Dance. Suggested donation is $5. For more info.(Photo

This Saturday April 6 Flamenco Rosario presents Mis Hermanas: Thicker than Water, My Sisters and I, the personal story of Rosario Ancer’s childhood in Mexico, her dreams of becoming a dancer, her journey to Spain and her arrival in Vancouver. At the Vancouver Playhouse, 8pm. Tix

~ by DanceHouse on April 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Friday Round Up”

  1. “The War Requiem” was beautiful and intense and wonderfully innovative. The dancers must have been exhausted, and in a sense, so were we, by the end. Such a powerful and stimulating dance. It would be a shame for your readers to miss it!

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