The Friday Round Up

Isn’t it nice that we have our own week coming up? National Dance Week – check it out below!

Thursday April 18 to Saturday April 20 Marta Marta productions brings us The Ligati Project. The music of the great Hungarian composer Gyorgy Ligeti provides the starting point for this exciting new collaboration between contemporary choreographer Martha Carter and the innovative Microcosmos String Quartet. A cast of accomplished dancers and musicians seeks to create a dialogue of movement, sound and rhythm that vibrates with contrasts, and expresses the raw energy and deep emotion of Ligeti’s music, which will be played live. At the Dance Centre, 8pm .Tix

Time for celebration: National Dance Week begins April 22 with a variety of events gooing on around Vancouver.  For a listing of these events, go here.

April 24 to 27 Israeli choreographer Arkadi Zaides and his company are back with Land-Research. Zaides presents the individual voices of five performers from different backgrounds as they explore their inner relationship with the broad idea of land. Performed as five solos, the dancers approach their bodies as a private landscape, shaped and challenged by its surroundings. At the Firehall Arts Centre, 8pm. Tix.

Out innerspace vesselAlso April 24 to 27 Out Innerspace brings us Vessel. Vessel is an ensemble piece inspired by video footage of micro movement and the surrounding themes of inner space. Projections of planetary-like landscapes transform the smaller than everyday experience into a mysterious and beautiful world and unfolds into a complex social chaos for a tiny population of strange beings. In the dictionary, inner space is simultaneously considered the regions beneath the sea, between the earth and outer space; the inner self or realm of the imagination, the part of us not normally accessible to consciousness, as well as the realms of the cellular, molecular, atomic smaller than the everyday human experience. At the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, 8pm. Tix

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