The Friday Round Up

Hello dance lovers, still lots to see this week.  Which one is for you?

You still have time tonight and tomorrow night to see the collaboration between Marta Marta Productions and the innovative Microcosmos String Quartet in The Ligeti Project,  a dialogue of movement, sound and rhythm that vibrates with contrasts, and expresses the raw energy and deep emotion of  Hungarian composer Gyorgy Ligeti’s music, which will be played live. Dance Centre, 8pm. Tix

VesselApril 24 – 27 Out Innerspace presents Vessel. Created for 5 dancers, Vessel investigates the concept of ‘inner space’ that inspires Artistic Directors Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond. ‘Inner space’ is defined as the region beneath the sea, between earth and outer space; the inner self or the realm of the imagination, the part of us not normally accessible to consciousness, as well as the realms of the cellular, molecular, atomic smaller than the every day human experience. These themes inspire both Vessel’s movement innovation and planetary video projections. Dancers magnify minute human experiences into bold relationships and turning points in this highly physical, visual art work. Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Tix (photo by Wendy D)

April 22 – 29 is National Dance Week. Check out here for Vancouver events and if you want to be really excited go here to see what is happening across Canada!

April 25 – 27 Ballet BC presents the World Premiere of Jose Navas’ Giselle. The highly anticipated World Premiere by Ballet BC’s Resident Choregrapher Jose Navas revives the well-known, romantic story of Giselle for a 21st century dance audience. Inspired by the original Adolphe Adam score, Montreal-based Navas creates a riveting world that comments on the story’s universal themes of love, heartbreak and revenge that continue to resonate today.  Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 8pm. Tix

~ by DanceHouse on April 18, 2013.

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