The Friday Round Up

Happy Summer!! You can go to any one of these shows this weekend and still have time for a walk in the fading sunlight – oh how we love summer!

JaneTonight and tomorrow night dumb instrument Dance, The Contingency Plan and Anne Cooper present we all know Jane. Jane is the rapport that we share as women. She is a yearning to connect with others. She is an expression of autonomy. Jane is our engagement with real and imagined worlds. A stranger to each of us, familiar to all of us, we all know Jane. At the Dance Centre, 8pm. Tix (Photo Ben Didier)

June 21 & 22 Aeriosa creates unexpected dance. Performed by an all-female cast, the aerialists of Being share a futuristic dream of dancing in outer space. Traveling on a luminous journey from earth into sky these women demonstrate the beauty and power of working as a group. Being features original music composed by Jordan Nobles, projections by Tim Matheson, lighting by Jason Dubois and costumes by Kate Burrows. Refugia is an impressionable new site work that establishes zones of creative refuge in public space. Bungee-lines provide literal tension for the dancers to dynamically explore horizontal and vertical air space while exploring the boundaries of common ground. This is Aeriosa’s first installment of the Refugia Series – an interactive project that will continue to evolve throughout 2013/14. At the Shadbolt Centre, 8pm. Tix

Also tonight and tomorrow night Vancouver’s very own hip hop dance company, The SOULdiers, presents The Checklist. Guest performances by Vancity Lockers Crew, Heavy Hittaz, and the SOULdiers Company Faculty! At the Norman Rothstein Theatre, 8pm. Tix SOULdiers


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