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Wen Wei Wang, photo by Shin Sugino

Enter, Dancing … Narratives of Migration, a project initiated and co-ordinated by Carol Anderson, records the stories of eight individuals who have come to Canada, brought their dancing and continued to evolve their art and practice here. The Enter, Dancing project attempts to record their stories first-hand.

While there are many wonderful dance artists of diverse backgrounds working in Canada today, these eight people, all first-generation Canadians, were selected to represent an immigration timeline from the 1960s to the 1990s, and a range of global diversity. As individuals, their motivations for immigration span a nomadic continuum from fleeing persecution to arriving in Canada as dance students.

November’s dance artist is Wen Wei Wang, who visits DanceHouse with his new work, 7th Sense, November 8 & 9. Originally from China, Wen Wei Wang began his dance career as part of the Lanzouh Army Dance School and Company. By 1991, exposure to modern dance and the teachings of Grant Strate had influenced his decision to trade the security and benefits of a dancer’s life in China for a freelance career in Canada. Since his arrival, Wang has worked with Judith Marcuse Projects and spent seven years with Ballet British Columbia. In 2003 he founded his company Wen Wei Dance, for which he has created nine full-length works and completed five cross-Canada tours.

Among Wang’s several accolades, he has been the recipient for the 2000 Clifford E. Lee Choreographic Award, the 2006 Isadora Award for Excellence in Choreography and the RBC top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award 2013. Click here to read the interview, courtesy of Dance Collection Danse, Canada’s national dance archives and publisher dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of Canadian theatrical dance history.


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