The Friday Round Up

Is it really just January? Feels like spring out there – flowers popping up all over the place! Makes it so much more enjoyable to go out and see some dance!

grupo corpo 2It is never too early to tell you about DanceHouse’s upcoming show with Grupo Corpo, February 7 and 8. You may recall Grupo Corpo from a few seasons back – this time they are bringing two new works to Vancouver. In Sem Mim, meaning without me, “tattooed” dancers merge the rhythm of the sea with the music of medieval Portuguese-Galician chants. The second work, Ímã, which means magnet, takes inspiration from the law of magnetism. Dancers passionately entwine and separate with poetic polarities. Grupo Corpo combines classical ballet technique with a contemporary re-reading of Brazilian and world dance forms. The end results are performances that are virtuosic, athletic, and breathtaking. Have a taste here. At the Vancouver Playhouse, 8pm. Tix. (Photo Jose Luiz Pederneiras)

Grouped’ArtGravelArtGroup (Frédérick Gravel), a DanceHouse presentation in collaboration with PuSH Festival and SFU Woodwards, will hit the stage Feb 28-30. Three musicians plugged into the power grid, six dancers ready to explode, the energy of pop music to intensify the beat, burning desire to set things ablaze. Quebec choreographer Frédérick Gravel ignites the stage in Usually Beauty Fails, a surrealist and unbridled study of beauty, love and relationships. Usually Beauty Fails is an audacious integration of popular culture and choreographic art; an invigorating and carnal work that posits conflict as art and elevates reality’s imperfections to the rank of the most efficient aesthetic. Gotta go! Fei & Milton Wong Experimental Theatre, SFU’s Goldcorp Centre For The Arts, SFU Woodwards. 8pm. Tix

January 17 to March 1 battery opera performance and Unit/Pitt Projects present Walking Projects: “Vancouver, crawling, weeping, betting”. Chris Bose and David McIntosh, retrace their separate trajectories through the streets of the city. Their memories, reanimated wraiths and the spirits imbibed are recorded in a series of twelve stories and accompanying maps. Installed in the gallery, these reports and boundaries document their embodied experiences of Vancouver. Afternoon guided city tours, late night improvised art salons and witching hour solos, will enable guest artists, citizens and visitors to respond, react or ignore the reflected world of Bose and McIntosh. Bring your ghosts, bring your body, have a drink and take your chances. Join the conversation about this city, your place, our past and its spirits – both the ones that stubbornly linger, and the ones that enable forgetting. Performances days vary: Thursdays: 11:30pm – 12:30 am Witching hour solos (viewable from the street through live projections on windows). Fridays: 10pm – midnight Bob’s Salon (interactive art salon for the curious imbiber, featuring guest artists). Saturdays: 12 – 5 pm Guided improvised tours of the city by six performers, based on Bose and McIntosh’s stories and maps. (first come, first tour). You really need to go to the website to get the full picture as to when, what and where!

~ by DanceHouse on January 17, 2014.

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