The Friday Round Up

Whoops – a little late today, but worth the wait! Have a great week!

Continuing this Friday and Saturday is Noam Gagnon and Nova Bhattacharya’s collaborative work DVote: Lust, Madness, and Mayhem. DVote is their investigation into the dichotomies that separate devotion and submission, the profound and the profane, and sexuality and spirituality. At the Cultch, 8pm. Tix

amberAlso continuing tonight and tomorrow is Amber Funk Barton and the response. in The Art of Stealing, a brand new work based on the action of stealing – what can be taken from us both physically and emotionally without our consent. Barton casts her dancers as both victims and thieves as they seek to manipulate and endure each other, but the ultimate thief in life will outlast them all. At the Firehall Arts Club, 8pm. TIx

Thursday June 5, The Dance Centre presents 12 Minutes Max Studio Showing. 12MM aims to foster experimentation and the development of new work, along with critical feedback and community dialogue. The participants receive fully subsidized studio space at Scotiabank Dance Centre to research and create their works, with input from the guest curators, and will share their work in an informal studio showing open to the public on June 5. The artists this time round are Michael Kong, Caitlin Griffin, Su Lin Tseng, and Jamee Valin. Scotiabank Dance Centre, 5pm.

And for something completely different, but oh so much fun! From May 29 to June 7, the Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration presents the City of Bhangra Festival, an eleven-day all-out dance party and music-fest showcasing the music and dance of the Punjab regions of India and Pakistan. On indoor and outdoor stages, in parks, in clubs, and even right smack downtown in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Festival features hundreds of local and international artists in a series of performances designed for audiences of all ages. Check out their website for details


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