The Friday Round Up

There is some really interesting dance happening this week. Can you convince yourself to come on in from the sunshine to partake a little?

June 4 – 8 Les Productions Figlio presents The Dance Poetry ProjectThe Dance Poetry Project brings dance and storytelling to the intimate settings of private homes and small venues, this time featuring five shows presented in French and English. The Dance Poetry Project is an autobiographical tale by choreographer and playwright Serge Bennathan, with Bertrand Chénier playing bass and piano. Words, music, jubilation and might, an intimate experience deep in the dance world. The story follows a 6 year old boy as he discovers the wonderful and magical world of dance, as he dreams of Ninjinsky, of arabesques and ronds de jambes…The young boy grows up, meets with Nureyev, becomes a dancer, then a choreographer. The Poetry Dance Project is a true love song to those who live their art with courage, passion, joy and selflessness. Go here to see places and times.

a13c5adcab1cfe96f79c08ba1f0d7821Friday and Saturday June 6 and 7 Lamondance presents Cinco. Cinco marks the celebration of Lamondance’s five years of existance and presents five dance works choreographed by Lara Barclay, Monica Proença, Davi Rodrigues and Shauna Elton as a guest choreographer. In these five distinct pieces, Cinco will invoke your emotions taking you as far as you will let your imagination go. At the Scotiabank Dance Centre, 8pm

Saturday June 7 as part of the In the House Festival see Worlds of Dance. Really wish you could go around the world in 80 days? Now you can go around the world in just over 80 minutes (105 minutes to be precise)! From flamenco to hip hop, contemporary to bellydance, tap to Balinese, it’s a tour around the world through dance. Some of the folks featured are: Her, X and the Wildman w/ Olivia Shaffer (contemporary), Meris Goodman (Balinese) and Meris Goodman (Balinese). 1940 Napier St, Vanouver. 2pm. Tix and Info

On Sunday June 8, after hanging out at the In the House Festival, you can then make your way down to DanceLab Studio Showing at the Dance Centre. Choreographer Anna Kraulis, environmental activist Hannah Carpendale and media artist Leslie Kennah are working together as part of The Dance Centre’s DanceLab program. Join them, along with dancers Jen Aoki, Jen Dunford, Angelina Krahn, Karley Kyle-Moffat, Daphné Paquette and Rianne Svelnis for an informal sharing of research. Scotiabank Dance Centre, 8pm

June 11-13 Family Dinner is an initimate and immersive dining performance. Six guests join a very particular family dinner that explores the choreography of dining, etiquette and social behavioural codes. Each dinner is at once a shared meal, a performance, an embodied recording and a conversation. Created and performed by: Justine A. Chambers, Alison Denham, Billy Marchenski, James Proudfoot, Tiffany Tregarthen, David Raymond, Josh Martin, Aryo Khakpour, Kate Franklin and Michelle Lui. Concept by: Justine A. Chambers.At Ten Fifteen Maple Field House – Hadden Park, Kitsilano. For tix and more info




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