The Friday Round Up

For those of you that saw the show – wasn’t L-E-V incredible? Some people liked it so much they came both Friday and Saturday! And for those of you that missed it – too bad, it was quite the show! We will have to bring them back someday!

edamSo what is happening this week? EDAM is opening it’s season with Threshold, an evening of new works choreographed by Serge Bennathan, Peter Bingham and Ziyian Kwan. Just words is an imaginative collage of text and movement, more about possibility than determinism, performed by Serge Bennathan, Karissa Barry and Hilary Maxwell. Peter Bingham will present Liminal Spaces, a directed score that uses the image of the totem to describe who we are both as individuals and as a collective. Liminal Spaces is a physical portrait of the threshold a dancer lives in when performing, constantly transitioning, continuously becoming …  It will be performed by Olivia Shaffer, Walter Kubanek and Chengxin Wei. Ziyian Kwan’s piece, bite down gently and howl, is a riff and a departure from the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Through four intersecting solos, Goldilocks slips into her own psyche to rouse archetypes of woman, man and child. Accompanied by songs of Nancy Sinatra, the resulting portraits are at times embarrassing, saucy, pathetic and poignant. bite down gently and howl is a danced fairytale that considers how the animal nature within us invites love and loss. Performed by Barbara Bourget, James Gnam, Vanessa Goodman and Ziyian Kwan. Wow, this will be quite the show! Shows are November 19, 21, 22, 26, 28 and 29, 8pm EDAM Studio Theatre, 303 E. 8th Ave. Tix.  Be warned – these shows almost always sell out!

Quite different from EDAM, November 21, Coastal City Ballet presents ‘Don Quixote’s Dream and Mixed Repertoire. Included in this evening of mixed work is You Keep Quiet and I Will Go which is the final line from the poem “Keeping Quiet” by Pablo Neruda, the inspiration for this piece and choreographed by Alice Gerbrecht. This is a re-staging of the original choreography first performed by Lousiville Ballet Civic Company in 2002, set to music by Luis Bacalov. Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver, 8pm. Tix

Wednesday November 26 come to a public sharing of The Migrant Bodies Project. Migrant Bodies is a project created in partnership with Comune di Bassano del Grappa [Italy], La Briqueterie – Centre de développement chorégraphique du Val-de-Marne [France], Hrvatski institut za pokret i ples [HIPP] [Croatia], and Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique[Québec] . The aim of the project is to use artistic and cultural tools to open up a civil reflection on migration in European and Canadian societies. Each organization selected a dancer-choreographer, a writer, and a filmmaker. The dance artists, accompanied by Canadian artist Ginelle Chagnon, travel as a group to Canada, France, Italy and Croatia to undertake residencies, take part in workshops and develop their research in collaboration with other artists and migrant communities they encounter on their journeys, as they explore different cultures, histories and traditions. The writers and filmmakers will develop creative works inspired by the theme of migrations in relation to each local context. In the Faris Studio, ScotiaBank Dance Centre, 1:30 – 3. FREE



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