The Friday Round Up

How was your week? Did you go see Louise LeCavalier in So Blue? We would love to hear what you thought – good or bad! And while we are on the subject, we always like to hear from you so send us a reply!

gruwezThis week seems to be just as busy as last! The PuSh Festival continues, and January 22 to 24 the Festival brings us Lisbeth Gruwez/Voetvolk (Belgium) in It’s going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend. A speech can be a mighty weapon, rallying crowds and unleashing feverish action, and Lisbeth Gruwez’s brilliantly conceived solo exposes the transformation of both the speaker and the audience. Taking fragments from a recording by ultraconservative American televangelist Jimmy Swaggert, she dances the growing frenzy of ecstatic speaking. Initially the speech is friendly and pacifying, but from the compulsive desire to convince comes growing despair, eventually betraying its deepest nature: violence. Gruwez exploits the dialogue between dance and sound, words and gesture, to reveal the nature of fanaticism, the dangerous charisma of orators, and their hypnotic hold over listeners, in a spellbinding performance which has toured the world to critical acclaim At the ScotiaBank Dance Centre, 8pm Tix

sylvainJanuary 24 and 25, also part of PuSh, Montreal-based choreographer Sylvain Émard has brought joy to audiences from Portland to Mexico; now it’s Vancouver’s turn to shine. Émard auditioned community dancers from across Vancouver for a chance to be part of a massive public dance. Chances are you’ll know one of the performers, or you yourself are one!Le Grand Continental® combines elements of traditional line dancing with contemporary dance, and the mix is infectious, taking the spirit of old-fashioned communal dance and bringing it up to date. The choreography is a delight to behold, complex enough to wow spectators but still infused with the spirit of catharsis and fun. The result is a huge, joyful convergence of energy, with a mass of people coming together over humanity’s universal languages: music and movement. A pleasure to be part of and a beauty to behold, this will be one of the key civic events of the year. Queen Elizabeth Theatre plaza, Vancouver 1 and 4pm FREE

January 24 Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo in a sensational evening marks the New York-based company’s first Vancouver appearance since 1985, and will see the all male-troupe apply breathtaking technical prowess to ridiculously re-interpreted classical ballets, including Swan Lake and Paquita. 8pm at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Tickets

Jan 27 – 31 PuSh and the Cultch co-present Nightswimming.This audacious trio of dance-plays (Fish Eyes, Boys with Cars, Let Me Borrow That Top) by celebrated television and film actress Anita Majumdar tells the coming-of-age stories of three teenage girls in small town Canada: Meena, Naz, and Candace. Inspired by so-called honour killings, hip-hop, and teenage heartache, Anita’s tour-de-force performances celebrate the joy and awkwardness of youth while slyly tackling issues of colonialism and cultural identity. Please note: The Trilogy will be performed as Part 1 (Fish Eyes) and Part 2/3 (Boys with Cars and Let Me Borrow That Top) on alternating nights. At the Cultch, 8pm Tix


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