The Friday Round Up

Oh sunshine, sweet sunshine! Aren’t we glad we live here in Vancouver? No snow storms keeping us away from all the great dance to see!

It’s never too early to tell you about DanceHouse’s presentation of Canada’s reigning queen of contemporary dance Compagnie MArieC-1Marie Chouinard February 27 and 28. Two works will be offered up this month.With Gymnopédies, Eric Satie’s works for piano become a meditation on human intimacy and desire, with a movement score performed live on stage by the dancers. This sensuous piece brings Satie to life in a series of duets that will amuse, titillate, and surprise. In Henri Michaux: Mouvements, Chouinard translates the visual into the physical using a 1951 book of abstract illustrations by the French artist Michaux. The book’s transition to dance has been done “word for word”— even the poem in the middle of the book is included in the choreography. We will tell you more in the coming weeks! At the Vancouver Playhouse, 8pm. Pre show chat both nights 7:15pm. Tix. (Photo

The PuSh Festival continues next week. Tonight and tomorrow catch the last shows of Le CargoFaustin Linyekula is a great dancer and a genuine storyteller. Here, in his first solo performance of his long career, he uses these skills to bring us closer to a distant reality: his homeland of the Congo. It’s a nation that has had many names and been through many tragedies. What survives—if tenuously—is the people’s culture, and it’s this that comes through in the performance, expressed with soft speech and wild movement. Twisting, coiling and thrusting his body, Linyekula dances in a way that seems at once culturally specific and universal. The movement is fluid, sinuous, utterly transfixing. Alternating with this are reflections on memory, heritage and history—words replying to dance and vice versa. Linyekula creates a dialoguMariw e with himself, and it’s our privilege to share it. His work is a marriage of spirit and body—moving, thought-provoking and spellbinding. ScotiaBank Dance Centre, 8pm. Tix

February 4 – 7 Time Machine features eight children, ranging in age from 5 to 13, alongside seven professional dancers. In Machinntheir contrast of styles the groups show the difference between the visceral, innocent creativity of childhood and the experience of adult pros. MACHiNENOiSY is a group dedicated to pushing boundaries, and here as ever their work upends our comfortable ideas about age, difference and the division between dance and theatre. As a spectacle, this is rich and rewarding; as a challenge to our notions of children and their abilities, it’s truly radical. With visuals from sculptor and costume designer Natalie Purschwitz and sound from composer Chris Kelly, the work takes us on a physical adventure, where meaning is formed from chaos and ideas are born from the movement of bodies. It promises to be a powerful, liberating performance. ScotiaBank Dance Centre, 8pm.Tix (Photo Chris Randle)

January 31 experience an open rehearsal of work in progress with choreographer/dancer Noam Gagnon and actress/singer Laara Sadiq. We Are Making Fiction (working title) will be a new full-length, multi-disciplinary work blending dance, movement and theatre as they consider themes of aging, love and fiction. Supported through The Dance Centre’s DanceLab interdisciplinary research program. At the ScotiaBank Dance Centre, 6:30 pm. FREE


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