The Friday Round Up


It is never too early to tell you about DanceHouse’s last show of the season, CCN Créteil et Val-de-Marne /Compagnie Käfig, coming April 10 and 11! We won’t say any more for now, but will leave you with this!
The Vancouver International Dance Festival is in full swing with oh so much to see! This weekend, both tonight and tomorrow,  you can see Benjamin Kamino in Nudity.Desire, a piece  in which Kamino takes the concept of nudity by philosopher Giorgio Agamben whose claim “was that the first nudity in Genesis was the point where humanity acquired its capability for knowledge”. Through the embodiment of cultural, critical, and philosophical theory, Kamino’s work is a continuous research into performance as a site, where ethical positions can be put into question.  This show is free with the purchase of a VIDF membership! 7pm in the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall. Follow up the Kamino show with Par. B.L.EUX . Benoît Lachambre, founder of Par B.L.eux, was programmed at last years Festival but did not come due to an injury. This year he brings to the VIDFwww.christinedivito.comstage a multimedia and poly- sensorial performance of a fake solo titled Snakeskins. Accompanied on stage by dancer Daniele Albanese and musician Hahn Rowe (hence the ‘fake’ solo), Lachambre’s body undulates, surrenders, and is ultimately transformed by minute alterations of symmetry and balance, exploring organic variations and amplitudes of movement in a reptilian metaphor that is, inevitably, about molting—a provoking meditation on new growth through the shedding of old skin. Through more than thirty years as a choreographer, performer, and teacher, Benoît Lachambre has developed a distinct sensibility and role within the Canadian and International dance landscape, utilizing a kinaesthetic approach to movement and improvisation that explores and awakens the senses. For more info on VIDF and tickets, go here.

Saturday 14 March in Amadeus – Dances with Wolfgang, Ballet Victoria creates a poignant ode to Mozart and his unbridled talent in a passionate, choreographic journey driven by the music of both the maestro and Queen’s Freddy Mercury.  Artistic Director Paul Destrooper’s new work stimulates audiences in unexpected ways by infusing dramatics, varying styles, humour and visual fluidity. Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver. Tix

Tonight, Friday, if street dance is your thing don’t miss out on the chance to see Vancouver’s finest street dance talent performing . Feature performances by the Source Dance Company, Praise Team, Danny Nielson, Reuben Avery, Jim Hibbard, Julio Fuentes, SOULdiers, Vancity Lockers, 247Company, Studio604, RS Hustlers, The Lost Boyz, JFK, Heavy Hitterz, the Moonrunners and hosted by the very funny Mariano Abarca from Toronto. Michael J. Fox Theatre  (7373 Macpherson Avenue) Tix

~ by DanceHouse on March 13, 2015.

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