The Friday Round Up

Kafig 4Are you ready to see something totally different? How about a mixture of capoiera, martial arts, contemporary dance and hip hop? Because that is what you will be experiencing in just two weeks from now with DanceHouse’s presentation of  CCN CRÉTEIL ET DU VAL-DE-MARNE / COMPAGNIE KÄFIG. They just passed through Victoria and check out what the reviewers had to say here. So April 10 or 11 come down to the Vancouver Playhouse at 8pm  to see this fantastic company from France/Brazil. Tix

Wow, busy weekend ahead! Tonight and tomorrow the VIDF finishes it’s Festival with two shows. At 7pm in the Exhibition Hall the response performs Orbits: a movement study, part of a series of work-in-progress performance experiments geared towards the movement research and creation of the company’s next full length work. This installment, a duet, finds two atomic beings moving through space in relentless unison with moments of irregularity and reaction, the bodies of the dancers striving to portray the sense of chemical reactions we find internally and externally in our universe. Then stick around because at 8pm Montreal’s Cie Manuel Roque presents Ne meurs pas tout de suite, on nous regarde (Don’t you die right now, we are being watched). Choreographer Manuel Roque defines the human condition in this work through the way the characters express themselves, their relationships to their environment, to each other, and to the poetic/metaphysical value of their movements/pulses. The choreography puts the movement upfront, giving the dancers a large range of freedom connected to primal impulses. This freedom is balanced by sharp dramatic text. The performers are playfully urged into virtuosity, energetic contrast, surprising connections, and a deep level of sensitive awareness. Sometimes the characters act like zombies; other times they are empty, hysterical, or fully present. Roundhouse Community Centre, 8pm

Also tonight and tomorrow nightBallet BC presents two new works  for the company: workwithinwork, a Canadian premiere choreographed by William Forsythe; and a world premiere (un-named) by Walter Matteini. Accompanying the two new works is Medhi Walerski’s Petite Cérémonie, premiered in 2011. Check out a video of the dancers in rehearsal. At the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 8pm. Tix

Finally for this weekend, Serge Bennathan’s new autobiographical work Monsieur Auburtin is a perceptive and moving look at a life lived through dance. From his very first dance class at the age of 7 in France, to his successful tenure at Toronto’s Dancemakers and reinvention as an independent artist, Bennathan revisits the places and people that have shaped his career, in a richly textured journey layered with personal memories and anecdotes. Witty, charming and fiercely intelligent, this magnetic performer meshes movement, text and visual media with live music composed by Bertrand Chenier, to create a love song to all those whose art demands courage, self-denial, passion and joy. At the ScotiaBank Dance Centre. Tix

~ by DanceHouse on March 27, 2015.

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