The Friday Round Up

You know the Chutzpah! Festival really does bring us an amazing array of dance. On that note, this Friday March 11 through Sunday March 13, Gallim Dance returns to Chutzpah! with the Canadian Premiere of WONDERLAND. Gallim Dance is a highly sought-after New York City based dance company that creates and performs worldwide original work by artistic director and founder Andrea Miller. The award-winning work, ensemble of dancers, and fearless physicality is grounded by deep humanity and expressed through the madness and joy of the imagination. WONDERLAND is inspired by Chinese-born artist Cai Guo-Qiang’s installation Head On, whose work depicts 99 wolves charging into a glass wall and investigates pack mentality as an inherent and potentially dangerous element of human instinct. Norman & Annette Rothstein Theatre, Friday 3pm, Saturday 8pm and Sunday 7:30pm. Tix 

And speaking of bringing fantastic dance to Vancouver, the Vancouver International Dance Festival (VIDF) continues this weekend with shows from EDAM and Memory Wax/Retazos. Friday and Saturday March 11/12 EDAM presents The Secret Life of Trees, a work by Artistic Director Peter Bingham, who says of the work: ” My interest in this subject is a direct reflection of living here in the west coast rain forest. Do trees have senses? I have discovered that the underground is where the forest finds its connectivity. The uniformity of the forest above ground gives the impression that each tree stands alone. In fact, they are linked by communicating through intricate entwining root systems.” At the Roundhouse Performance Centre, 8pm. Tix

Retazos-Memorywax-48Tonight and tomorrow night, Swedish company Memory Wax collaborates with Cuban Danza Teatro Retazos present two works. Possible Impossible takes off from a landscape where the known laws of time, space and power have ceased to be valid. Imagine an associative world of magic, dreams and absurd impressions – where one dream relieves the next, and you fall, fly and balance between reality and fantasy. In this surprising world of dreams the door opens to other universes, where the mind is free and the impossible becomes possible. Crisálida  explores the need to belong and be part of a community while juxtaposing the desire for freedom. With contemporary dance as a base, elements of pantomime, hip hop and folklore are visited as contrasting characters emerge. Everyday scenes are enhanced in a constantly changing dream-world where memories and desires are intertwined. Crisálida is a performance about belonging and identity portrayed with humor and poetry. Take a look at the video here. At the Vancouver Playhouse, 8pm. Tix

Also as part of VIDF, tickets are selling fast for Company 605  March 17-19. Vital Few is a 08-vitalfewsmnew work that has taken two years in the making, with twelve dance artists involved at various points throughout the process. The company says about the piece: “Born out of a desire to redefine our way of co-existing, this process began by questioning what we needed from each other in order to feel as one… It is about acknowledging the effort and personal sacrifice it takes to make togetherness work, and how as individuals, we cannot help but be transformed in some way through this experience, no matter how brief. … Through our experiments we searched to find moments that sparked something in us, as makers and as humans, and we arrived at a place where dancing together feels somewhere new.” At the Roundhouse Performance Centre, 8pm. Talkback Thursday show. Tix.

And as if there were not already enough to do, there is one more to add to your calendar! Thursday March 17 through Saturday March 19, Ballet BC presents a new work full length work by Medhi Walerski. This world premiere builds on the themes Walerski established with Prelude, seen on our stage in 2014, and celebrated for its poetic, complex, imaginative, and unpredictable choreographic language. It begins with the question of how to balance order and chaos; the individual and the collective. In explosive and dynamic contrast, the work will also look at the human need for celebration – be it a birth, a death, a change in history, or a reunion. Celebrations, and the energy they create through dance, life, and art will permeate the theatre with sublime poetry, blurring the lines between the audience and the stage. Check out a video here. At the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 8pm. Tix


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