The Friday Round Up

This is one of those something for everyone weeks – check it out!

Saturday June 11 and Sunday June 12, Lamondance presents Spark,  an assembly of choreography by International and Canadian choreographers including Lara Barclay, David Norsworthy, Shannon Moreno, Dario Dinuzzi and Davi Rodrigues. Reality is quite relative indeed as our perception of it is utterly transformed. The show is composed of 7 non-related creations linked only by the burst of spark; a diverse vocabulary of movement in the occupation and exploration of space. The company explores the concepts of discovery, limitation, memories, physical state, communication, reincarnation and above all, the power of energy. The name of the show refers to the possibilities of new beginnings. Lamondance was established in 2009 as a contemporary training and performance company for emerging professional dancers. Consisting of Canadian and Brazilian dancers, the company offers a unique platform for both artistic and cultural exchange. At the Scotiabank Dance Centre, Saturday 2pm and 8pm, Sunday 2pm. Tix

Ready for an all-out dance party showcasing the beats of bhangra? Don’t miss the 12th annual City of Bhangra Festival June 11–18, 2016. On indoor and outdoor stages in parks, clubs, and classrooms, the Festival features hundreds of local and international artists performing new and traditional dance forms from around the world. The Festival finishes with Downtown Bhangraa two-day open-stage party with non-stop music and dance in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. Bring the whole family to the VAG plaza on June 17 & 18 to experience big beats and electrifying performances you’ll never forget! For more info and tix.

brittniSunday June 12, New Works presents another Dance Allsorts with the Mandala Arts & Culture SocietyBharata Natyam is one of the most cherished and well-known Indian dance styles. Under the artistic direction of Jai Govinda, Mandala Arts and Culture is one of the leading Indian classical dance companies in Canada specialized in this tradition. Originally performed as an offering to the gods in the temples of South India, Bharata Natyam has survived abolition and near extinction to be revived and brought to the stage some 100 years ago. The rebirth of Bharata Natyam inspired generations of illustrious masters, dancers and musicians who ensured the survival of the dance form to the present day.Today’s Bharata Natyam artists bring new life and dimensions to the traditional repertoire through creative choreography and fresh interpretations. In this unique presentation, Mandala will bring forth all the elements that make this dance form so rich and relevant. At the Roundhouse Community Centre, Performance 2:00pm, followed by a Q&A with the artists Free workshop 3:15pm, open to all ages and abilities. Tix

June 17-19 check out the fantastic F-O-R-M: Fesitval of Recorded Movement Vancouver’s first ever youth-led, youth-focused movement on screen festival! F-O-R-M is a by-youth for-youth (ages 15-25) movement on screen film festival; created through a collaboration between Company 605, Kristina Lemieux and 23-year-old independent dance artist Sophia Wolfe. The festival encourages community-building among peers and engagement of young audiences with short films that inspire artists and audiences to see movement from new perspectives. Content will include dance, skateboarding, surfing, parkour, or any subject where physicality is central. The aim is to celebrate and support a rising generation of creators and enthusiasts through providing a formal context to both screen and talk about their work. Check out the fantastic programming here and prepare to spend your weekend being inspired by these creative and innovative young artists!

ModusModus Operandi, one of Vancouver’s most innovative contemporary dance training programs. has it’s year end show June 17 and 18, featuring new creations by Emmalena Fredriksson, Vanessa Goodman, Rob Kitsos & Out Innerspace, performed by the Modus Operandi 2015/16 artists. Dance on screen works created + performed by the Modus Operandi artists. At the Scotiabank Dance Centre, 8pm and Sat matinee 3pm. Tix

~ by DanceHouse on June 10, 2016.

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