The Friday Round Up

Only a couple of weeks until we sign off for the summer. But before we do that, there is still lots to see!

I know we mentioned this last week, but this is something totally unique! June 17-19 check out the fantastic F-O-R-M: Fesitval of Recorded Movement Vancouver’s first ever youth-led, youth-focused movement on screen festival! Check out some video footage here. F-O-R-M is a by-youth for-youth (ages 15-25) movement on screen film festival. The festival encourages community-building among peers and engagement of young audiences with short films that inspire artists and audiences to see movement from new perspectives. Content will include dance, skateboarding, surfing, parkour, or any subject where physicality is central. The aim is to celebrate and support a rising generation of creators and enthusiasts through providing a formal context to both screen and talk about their work. Check out the fantastic programming here and prepare to spend your weekend being inspired by these creative and innovative young artists!  And of particular note is FORMations where emerging filmmakers, movers and directors(or anyone interested) can meet at the heart of Vancouver at The Woodwards Atrium. This will be an open and public environment for artists of all ages to come together with their cameras and movement expertise/concepts, connect with fellow participants, collaborate and create on the spot. Artists across disciplines can meet and get to know one another while working on any ideas they want to bring to the table. And it is FREE! Saturday June 18 from 12 – 3pm at the Woodwards Atrium.

Also mentioned last week, but so worth mentioning again! Modus Operandi, one of Vancouver’s most innovative contemporary dance training programs. has it’s year end show June 17 and 18, featuring new creations by Emmalena Fredriksson, Vanessa Goodman, Rob Kitsos & Out Innerspace, performed by the Modus Operandi 2015/16 artists. Dance on screen works created + performed by the Modus Operandi artists. At the Scotiabank Dance Centre, 8pm and Sat matinee 3pm. Tix  How about a 3pm Modus show, and then off to F-O-R-M for the evening?

Small StageJune 23-25 Small Stage with Ballet BC present LIVE AT THE ‘BOLT. The company dancers of Ballet BC and Small Stage Artistic associates team up for an amazing evening of dance. Join them as they walk around Deer Lake Park and see some amazing short works by some of Vancouver’s most talented dancers and choreographers, including Vanessa Goodman piece Inside Sound. This piece plays with the structure of sound waves and creates an exciting window into past technologies using scale to challenge the norm. Join Ballet BC dance artist Gilbert Small and Christoph Von Riedemann in this beautifully crafted and intricate duet . At the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby 8pm Tix.



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